I think I’ve always loved writing but I never really wrote till I became an adult. And as an adult, I’ve struggled with writing because I never thought that people would care what I have to say and I didn’t really think I was that great of a writer–especially when it came to sharing stuff that I didn’t think that people would care to read.

This morning I was thinking about this as the hubs and I drove into work. It’s taken a long time for me to get to the point that I feel like I know what I want to be doing, who I want to be and what I want to be “when I grow up”. The ironic thing is that all of these things have to do with the words that I’ve found it so hard to find.

I haven’t had the hardest life but it’s been hard for me. Finding my place in the world and getting my footing has truly been a challenge. But through the grace of God, friends and family, I’m making it. I’ve gone from being an unhealthy, divorced, jobless, and lost single mother to where I am now–an evolving mother of two, wife to a wonderful husband, and confident woman. I think I’m in a good place. There’s a lot that I’ve learned so far and so many more lessons to come but I haven’t experienced these things for no reason.


That’s what I want to do with the words that I’ve finally found. It took till 2014 to figure this out. I can’t wait to see how this manifests in my life going forward!!!