Please give a warm welcome to Donna Thompson who submitted this post just in time for Halloween!

Halloween is one of the most interesting and sometimes controversial holidays in the year. This also means it’s the perfect time to let your creativity off the leash with fun treats and crafts that make for ideal family time. Not sure what you can whip up this Halloween? No worries, I’ve got you covered!

Making Halloween Fun {And Funnier} This Season

Planning to organize a super fun and spooky party that will be talked about for a long time? Of course you are! These scary and multi-functional Halloween stickers can definitely come in handy. And since Halloween is just around the corner and preparation are at full speed, don’t panic if you haven’t figured out all the details. Here is a list of how to use these stickers and give your Halloween celebration a final touch:

Halloween comes once a year and kids are ready to have a good time. Get ready to deliver on their expectations with these freebies!

1. DIY spooky bags, cans, and jars with treats.

Painting the old jars and cans in Halloween colours and adding these stickers to them is maybe a simple but very amusing craft project.

2. Decorating the Halloween- themed party.

Add stickers to the dinner table name tags, napkin holders or simply all hang them on the curtains.

3.Include stickers to your Halloween costume design and make it more colorful.

4. Halloween door decoration.

Add stickers to the cardboard and hang them on the door. The doors decorated in this way will not be left unnoticed.

5. Decorating your kid’s lunch box.

Your child will be thrilled to have this addition on their snack boxes and you’ll naturally be labeled the cool mom!

Download these fun and free stickers, print them out on self-adhesive or regular paper and enjoy this Halloween with your kids in the funniest way.

How do you and your family plan to celebrate Halloween?