In March of 2020, I made the decision to stalk literally every article I could in order to learn as much about COVID-19 as I could. I watched all the TikTok doctors share information and then I went shopping. There were a couple of things that were recommended in the information I was literally drowning myself in that I knew would help us if we were to get it so I did my due diligence and stocked up on both the adult and children’s over-the-counter drugs. In addition to that, I made sure I had certain supplements that were reported to help out as well. And you know what? When we were diagnosed with COVID-19, we were as ready as we could have been to literally fight for our lives and beat the coronavirus. Now that we’ve made it through to the other side, I want to share everything that worked for us in hopes that it will help someone else in need. So, what do you need to kick the coronavirus’s ass?

Read on friends. 

Supplements To Have On Hand To Beat COVID-19

It feels like what we know about COVID-19 changes from day-to-day. Originally, it was communicated that it was an upper respiratory virus and that mucus essentially flooded the lungs making it feel impossible to breathe. But then there have been people who didn’t have any chest congestion and still tested positive for coronavirus. Here is a list of things that we took/take consistently:

Mucinex: Yes, I’m recommending Mucinex as the very first thing. There are a couple of different types that they have. I used Maximum Strength Mucinex® 12 Hour Extended-Release Bi-Layer Tablets. I also used their nasal spray because I just couldn’t breathe through my nose. It’s important to note that this spray can only be used 3 days in a row or it can cause more inflammation.

Tylenol Extra Strength: The body aches and pains are SO real. I don’t normally love Tylenol but we used this during the first couple of days–prior to getting the IV. After we got the IV, neither of us was in any pain so it wasn’t needed.

Saline Solution: We did this in a nasal spray. Saline solution is not addictive and you can use it as often as needed. It also breaks up mucus and makes it easier for your body to get rid of.

SinusClear, AirwayClear, ClearLungs: I put all these together because these are all from RidgeCrest Herbals. Last year I shared a lot about them and I stand by all their products. The ingredients in these don’t interfere with each other or the Mucinex and you can feel it working immediately.

At this point, it seems like getting Covid-19 is unavoidable--even when you do everything you're supposed to. Here's what we used to beat it.
ClearLungs comes a liquid and capsule.

Goldenseal & Echinacea: Goldenseal is a natural antibiotic and I take this during my HS flares. Since I had one during this time, I took this for that. I take the kind that’s with echinacea since it boosts your immune system.

Vitamin C: I have EmergenC that I was sent from Dollar General that has the Turmeric and Ginger and I drink these daily. Something to be careful of here is the sugar content if you have insulin issues. But the nurse told us to take as much Vitamin C that we could stomach–literally.

Vitamin D: I take 10,000IUs because my Vitamin D levels are on the lower side. But Vitamin D deficiencies have been linked with COVID so this was something I made sure to take daily whereas prior I had been slacking.

At this point, it seems like getting Covid-19 is unavoidable--even when you do everything you're supposed to. Here's what we used to beat it.

Zinc: It boosts your immune system.

Oil of Oregano: This Is just an anti-oxidant powerhouse. It’s a natural antibiotic, helps with gut health and inflammation.

Just Thrive Probiotic: You all know that I’m suuuuper big on my probiotics. Instead of taking 1, we doubled up with 2 during the time we felt awful.

Ritual Vitamin: Both my husband and I take their vitamins. Even though we take extra of some, having a quality base vitamin is also really good.

Lemon Water: I feel like this should be a given but since I forgot in the beginning, I’m adding it here. The citrus breaks up the mucus and there’s vitamin C. I drink a hot cup of lemon water and honey in the morning and one cup of lemon water during the day (1 of my cups is 32oz). Again, if you have insulin issues, be careful how much lemon you do because it’s super high in sugar.

Essential Oils I Used During COVID

As soon as I started feeling sick, I placed a big order with Simply Earth. I love their essential oils from when I was working with them–they’re sustainably sourced, organic and they won’t make you break the bank. I used Breathe Easy in my diffuser all day. It’s a blend of fir needle, cedarwood, frankincense, and myrrh. I put eucalyptus oil on the soles of our feet to help us breathe easier. I have safflower oil as my carrier oil. And then lastly, I used Defender blend around the base of my neck. Defender is a blend of cinnamon, rosemary, lemon, eucalyptus, and clove. You can use discount code TCMFREE for $40 off your orders if you need to stock up.

At this point, it seems like getting Covid-19 is unavoidable--even when you do everything you're supposed to. Here's what we used to beat it.

Other Useful Information For Winning The Fight With Coronavirus

This is just information on things that I am confident were helpful in us not having a long bought with COVID-19 and are in no particular order:

  • Stay moving. Like it might hurt but you don’t want the mucus to get settled and comfy in your body.
  • Remove dairy from your diet. Dairy creates an environment that fosters the growth of mucus. On a normal day, it’s fine but dairy + COVID-19 is no bueno.
  • Do the breathing exercises and tips on getting the mucus out of your chest–they work.
  • Rest when you need to–even if you have kids.
  • If you can’t quarantine from your kids, wear your mask at home.
  • I 100% believe that getting the IV from the concierge nurse made a huge difference. If you’re in the Atlanta area, contact Kathy. If you aren’t, google “mobile IV hydration near me” to find them in your area.
  • Don’t feel ashamed about it. We stayed home and practiced everything the CDC and common sense said to do and we still got it. Along this line, share that you have it so your village can help take care of you.
  • Drink a lot. Like at least a gallon of water. And get hot liquids too. That helps with thinning the mucus in your chest.
  • Eat. Seriously. Eat a lot. The stronger your body is the better it’s equipped to fight.
  • Fresh juices from Katie’s Pharm. She dropped off two different kinds and the green one made me feel legit stronger every time I drank it.

Alright friends. That’s all I have here! Next up is how to help your loved ones who have COVID-19.

If you’ve had coronavirus, please share your tips and tricks here!