I received complimentary admission for myself and family for this post though these opinions are all my own.

Corn maze. Pumpkins. Hayrides. Bonfires.

This fall I’m determined to do them all and Cagles Family Farm offered all of this in one place (plus a haunted barn but our littles can’t participate in that just yet). Finding time to spend together as a family isn’t hard–we see each other daily–but making it fun? Now that’s been a challenge as of late but I adamant about changing this and this past weekend was our first step in mission fall fun.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a wooden fence and guides that helped us park in the vast field that had been sanctioned off as a parking lot. The walk to the entrance was a short one and the girls got really excited as we were greeted by the pumpkin patch at the entrance. We were there to specifically do the corn maze, hayride and bonfire which was exciting enough but they also had these big trampoline like things that the kids had so much fun jumping on. We jumped a bit and then it was time to attack our first corn maze.


pillow jumps

I’ve never done a corn maze before. In fact, they scare me a little since I always think of “Children of the Corn” which was a freaky movie. Cagle’s offers 2 corn mazes–1 that takes about 10 minutes long and another that takes about 20 minutes. Naturally we opted for the shorter one first. I had to make sure I wasn’t going to hyperventilate or have an anxiety attack as we navigated through the maze.


The first maze did take us about 10 minutes and it was fun. The stalks were super tall and mini led the way as we tackled the different riddles that offered us hints for the right direction. When we wrapped up the first maze, we immediately jumped into the second one. This one was a bit harder and I’d be remiss if I said I wasn’t a smidge scared when we got a little lost. But the guides were there if we needed their help and knowing that made me feel way better.

corn maze

We made it through the corn maze just as the sun started to go down and the zombies started to come out which was perfect timing for me. We grabbed some snacks (the funnel cake is delicious!!!!) and headed on over to get in line to jump on the hayride. To get to the hayride, we had to walk through this tunnel which mini thought was really cool. We were greeted by some friendly teens as they took our tickets to hop on the hayride which didn’t take long. The ride itself over to the bonfire took about 7 minutes but the views as we crept along were beautiful.


I’m not sure what I expected when we got to the bonfire area but it wasn’t what greeted us. There was another huge field that was filled with little bonfires surrounded by families. This was my favorite part and what I had been waiting on literally all day. We were helped off the truck by a friendly gentleman who was welcoming as he directed us to the marshmallows that were already calling my name. Gone are the times of searching for a good stick that wouldn’t crumple under the flames. Nifty metal and rubber skewers replaced them and proved to be perfect for roasting both hot dogs and marshmallows.


The girls “danced” (to be read as abc running in circles and mini chasing her) around the fire as the hubs and I roasted our goodies. Being close to the fire warmed us so our light sweaters and jackets weren’t necessary. The air was filled with the scent of burning wood and cinders–one of my favorite scents–and my heart was filled with happiness seeing my family enjoy an easy day out.

Days like this create the best and longest lasting memories and we’re happy to have created them with Cagle’s Family Farm.

What fun things do you have planned for your family this fall?