Children don't come with a guide but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try and educate yourself through some of these must-read books listed here.

Raising little girls is hard. There’s so much more into making sure that we don’t damage them permanently that it can be confusing as a parent. While no child comes with a guide, I’ve found a lot of these books incredibly helpful to me in my own journey parenting.

1. The Body Book by Nancy Rue

Teaching little girls about their bodies can be hard if you aren’t the most comfortable doing so. This book outlines all the changes that their little bodies go through in a conversational manner. After they’re done reading it, you guys can discuss creating an open dialogue that’s somewhat guided.

2. What I Told My Daughter by Nina Tassler

Entertainment executive Nina Tassler combines stories from women that are top in their field to offer sound parenting advice that they’ve learned through experience to their daughters. This is a great read that offers many lessons to other mothers as well.

3. Raising Black Girls by Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu

Raising black girls in America can be really tough. Dealing with body image issues, not feeling beautiful and more can get even the best moms down. This book gives 50 tips on successfully supporting our daughters through their transition from childhood to adulthood.

4. I Like Myself by Leah Beaumont

This is one of my favorite books that we have. I got this for mini when she was about 3 and this has gotten us through the rougher times as she’s dealt with wanting hair like Elsa or having friends that don’t want to play with her because of her skin color (I use the word “friends” very loosely). This is a fave of mine for teaching self-love and acceptance.

5. GIST: The Essence of Raising Life-Ready Kids by M.W. Anderson and T.D. Johansen

While this book isn’t geared toward raising girls only, it’s goal is to raise life-ready kids which is incredibly important. A psychologist and pediatrician teamed up to write this book and challenge parents to change their thinking about raising their kids.

6. Father to Daughter by Harry H. Harrison, Jr

This was more of a feel good book with sweet lessons that are between a father and daughter. While this bond is really important and balances out the relationship with moms, it’s also a great book showing father’s the value that they have with their daughters.

7. Brave Girls: Beautiful You: A 90-Day Devotional by Jennifer Gerelds

This is 90-day devotional book that is obviously faith based and talks about God’s design for each of us. I love this for mini because she’s very much so into her relationship with God and this reinforces that! There’s multiple books in this series that focuses on different issues of little girls.

8. Consent Based Parenting: How to Raise Children In Charge of Their Own Bodies by Abby Norman

In the midst of the rape society that we live in, this may be the most important read on this list. Teaching children that they are in charge of their own bodies and in this short but impactful read, Norman shares how to make these lessons an everyday thing with your own kids. MUST READ!

9. Brave Girls: Raising Young Women with Passion and Purpose to Become Powerful Leaders by Stacey Radin

I reviewed this book earlier this year and loved it. Click the link to check out my thoughts on the book and how to apply it to parenting.

Again, there is no guide in this parenting game but equipping yourself with some quality knowledge doesn’t hurt either. All kids are different and little girls are like onions with all these layers. Take time to get to know them and teach them.

What books would you add to this list? 

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