No, I don’t want to build a snowman. I’d rather not let whatever it is go simply because Elsa has told me too. But even though we have practically worn out the Frozen DVD, attended a million-trillion Frozen parties, and have thought about done every Frozen themed activity, this will be one of the only Disney movies that I allow in constant rotation for mini.


Even though I’m beyond over hearing Ana talk about falling in love in a matter of minutes, there are some great overarching lessons and messages provided here. Because of these 6 reasons, Frozen will forever be in rotation:


1. No One Got Married
At the end of all princess movies, the princess gets married. As a married woman, naturally I don’t see anything wrong with marriage. But I feel like this is constantly shoved in the face of little girls. At the end of Frozen, all the princesses are still single and aren’t focused on marriage and this is awesome. Again, there’s nothing wrong with marriage but because Disney doesn’t really do the greatest job of giving these princesses ages, of your daughter is into the princess thing, she’s thinking it’s time to get married ASAP.

2. There’s A Realistic View of Men
I can already hear the responses but let me just say this–just like all men aren’t dogs, all men aren’t honorable. While I don’t think that most of the princes have the most integrity, in this case, the prince that was supposed to save the day turned out to be a manipulative prick. It’s important for girls to see that not all men are trustworthy and their love should be earned, not just given blindly.

3. Olaf Is Refreshingly Funny & Wise

picture courtesy of tumblr

picture courtesy of tumblr

Do you want to build a snowman? I do if it’s Olaf. He was sweet, funny, and wise–everything you want in a best friend. Not only is he absolutely adorable, he was so genuine, sincere, and non-judgmental. I like how Disney highlighted him as a character as well as the parts that made him unique.

4. It Inspired You To Be Yourself

picture courtesy of huffington post

picture courtesy of huffington post

Yes, Elsa encouraged us all to let it go, and we should. Elsa was scared of what her society would think about her so she hid herself and was afraid of her potential. But then the truth came out and she was free to be herself. The thing that was so powerful was that when she returned to society, everyone accepted her. It’s hard being a little girl in the world today. Our girls are constantly told that they aren’t good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, just not enough. And this movie enforces that when we are ourselves, we’ll be accepted. I love this.

5. Nothing Rapey Happened
It feels like in most Disney movies, the princesses were in some pretty awful situations that made them happen to fall in love with their princes. Sleeping Beauty was kissed without permission, Belle was traded for her father and forced to live with a Beast whose temper was borderline abusive, Sleeping Beauty was also in a compromising position when she was awakened as well. And then the princes were made out to be these hero’s because they married them and saved them from whatever they needed saving from. But at what cost? No one asked them to touch their bodies. And these are just fairy tales–what if worse happened?

6. The Act of True Love Wasn’t What We Thought

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photo courtesy of

In all of the other movies, some man came to share an act of true love (how they knew what true love was after 5 min of knowing each other is besides me) with the princess in need. In Frozen, the act of true love was between sisters. Writing this makes me tear up as I think of my own bond with my brother. There’s nothing like that of the bond between siblings. I can remember growing up with my brother and getting into fights both with him and for him and now I’ve given that relationship to my girls. I hope that they understand this as well.


Because of these 6 reasons, I will continue to sing along with “Let It Go”. I’ll continue to recite the movie word for word as it plays on what feels like continuous rotation. I’ll sew the costumes, see the performances, and have tea with Elsa. I will continue to support Frozen 100% since it supports my little girl with its messages and that’s more important to me.

Is your little one part of the Frozen-frenzy? What do you think of the movie?