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Growing up Roman Catholic, advent calendars were an annual thing. At my Catholic school, all of us little kids got excited about the prospect of being able to open the little card stock date that revealed a bible passage along with a small piece of chocolate. That tiny piece of chocolate was quite literally the best tasting chocolate in the world—or so it seemed when I was young.

Now having an advent calendar during the holiday season isn’t something that’s reserved for only Catholicism or bible verses or just chocolate. People are free to customize them with everything from toys to wine and everything in between which makes the time before the holidays even more exciting. And honestly, I’m at the point in life where I need all the help I can get in getting excited about the holidays.

Reusable Advent Calendars

It seems like you can get reusable advent calendars everywhere and I love them. We had this really beautiful one that was a silver Christmas Tree that had little drawers for each day. It was sooooo pretty but it ended up breaking during one of our moves. But here are some of my favorites from both Target and Amazon:

If you’re into DIY, I have a tutorial for this hanging advent calendar here:

It's advent calendar season! Using reusable advent calendars makes it easy to customize gifts--check out these 75 here for your loved ones.

75 Advent Calendar Stuffers

One of my favorite reasons that the reusable advent calendars are my favorite is because you can really customize them for the person (or people) that are using them. If this year you’re focusing on gratitude, you can fill them with notes or activities that support that. Just like you can choose more sustainable items that go into them. Or you can choose adult-related items *wink wink*. Here are some items that I’ve come up with for both children, adults and all genders.

  1. Organic candy
  2. Matchbox cars
  3. Mini figurines
  4. Seasonal lip balm
  5. DIY Travel Art Tin
  6. Non-toxic bath bomb
  7. Bath toys
  8. Holiday craft kit
  9. Nailpolish
  10. Handwritten note
  11. Hair accessories
  12. Art supplies
  13. Temporary tattoos
  14. Gel pens
  15. Socks
  16. Washi tape
  17. PJs
  18. Flashlight
  19. Book
  20. Stickers
  21. Glow sticks
  22. Money
  23. Gift cards
  24. Figurines
  25. Playing cards
  26. Stationery supplies
  27. Fragrance
  28. Shower steamers
  29. Ornaments
  30. Coffee
  31. Tea
  32. Planner stickers
  33. Aromatherapy body patches
  34. Beauty Blender
  35. Face mask
  36. Sugar scrub
  37. Hot chocolate bomb
  38. Therapy dough
  39. Milk frother
  40. Diffuser bracelet
  41. Manicure kit
  42. Beanie
  43. Gemstone night light
  44. Slippers
  45. Massage ball
  46. Mini bottles of alcohol
  47. Love notes
  48. Essential oils
  49. An initial necklace
  50. Reusable tea bag
  51. Desk cord organizer

The remaining stuffer suggestions are in this printable. It has 24 different stuffers along with a blank page for you to make your own.

It's advent calendar season! Using reusable advent calendars makes it easy to customize gifts--check out these 75 here for your loved ones.

Whatever you decide to do this season, whether advent calendar or not, make sure that it fills your cup so you’re able to really enjoy making memories with your families.

Does your family do advent calendars?