**I received a free Gurin dehumidifier from Tomoson in exchange for writing a review on the blog. All opinions expressed are my own.***

When we moved into our current home, I didn’t notice that the master bathroom didn’t have a fan in the shower area. I didn’t think anything of it after we moved in because it’s so big that I thought that it wouldn’t affect things.

I was wrong. So wrong.

We moved when I was pregnant with abc so cleaning the bathroom wasn’t really my thing–until I was nesting. It was then that I saw just how much mildew and mold was in our shower. It was crazy because the hubs had just cleaned the bathroom the week before and looking at the build-up, you would have thought that we NEVER scrubbed in there.

I did some research and trial and error and nearly passed out from fumes using some cleaner that was heavy on bleach or ammonia–I can’t remember since all of that is a fog now! That wasn’t working. Near death experiences for a clean bathroom just isn’t my cup of tea.

After I became infatuated with green living, I did some more research into mold and mildew and found out some really useful and environmentally friendly information about keeping my bathroom clean and healthy. The best part was that I had the items needed to make my new cleaning solution in my house.

natural remedies

1. Dry things out.
How do you dry out an entire bathroom right? A dehumidifier. Living in Georgia where the humidity is insane, our home is naturally filled with air that is heavier in moisture. This coupled with the water from the shower leads to a party waiting to happen from mold/mildew. We use the Gurin Electric Compact Dehumidifier. Not only is this thing cute and small so it’s not sticking out like a sore thumb, but this baby works wonders! I turn it on as I’m getting into the shower, close the doors to my closet and room, and by the time I get out of the shower, the air is already more dry. The best part is that after a week of using it, the mold and mildew has NOT shown back up in my shower.

2. Vinegar
I’m under the assumption that vinegar, breast milk and essential oils can pretty much clean and cure anything. Vinegar is a natural mold and mildew killer. Because I don’t mind the smell, I began making my own all-purpose cleaner with vinegar. Recipe, right? I grabbed an old spray bottle (I recycled a spray bottle from another cleaner) and filled it with the following:

  • 1.5c white vinegar
  • 1.5c warm water
  • 1tblsp dish detergent
  • 20 drops Tea Tree Oil
  • 20 drops lavender Oil
  • 5 drops Lemon Oil

After you add these to the bottle, shake and it’s ready to use! Tea Tree Oil is also a natural mold and mildew killer so it’s like double trouble.

3. Vodka
Yes, you read correctly. The very same drink that we have nightcaps with can also be a lean, mean, mold and mildew killing machine. If you can’t stand the smell of vinegar, replace vodka in with the above recipe and boom, all-purpose house cleaner and mold/mildew killer.

Between the new cleaner and the dehumidifier, our bathroom is cleaner, longer and we no longer have to worry about harmful fumes.

What are some natural home cleaning methods you use?