This past weekend I attended the Pinners Conference in Atlanta, GA. This was my first time attending the conference and I had no idea what to expect. I knew that there would be crafting and I’d registered for a couple of classes that I was excited for. But I still wasn’t prepared for what turned out to basically be Disney World for crafters.

What Is The Pinners Conference?

Have ever browsed Pinterest and seen things like handlettering, bullet journaling, delicious recipes or other crafts you wanted to try out? Well that’s what the Pinners Conference is. They offer classes that you can pre-register for as well as booths that you can drop by and try things out with them.

What to Expect

When you walk in, it can be a little overwhelming since it’s so packed with vendors. My best advice is to pre-plan using their app to make things a little easier to navigate. And register for the classes! They are so fun!

The 2019 Pinners Conference in Atlanta proved to be tons of fun--it was like Disney World for crafty people! Not sure what it is? Read here.

The Pinners Conference Classes

What I loved about the classes is that they were complimentary to a lot of the vendors there. I took Botanical Line Drawing, Watercolor Hand-Lettering, Cookie Decorating and a class on how to create a leather tassel necklace. After I took the classes, I was able to find the materials I would need (if I didn’t already have them–which I did lol) while I was there.

This was really helpful since if you’re trying out a new craft it can really be overwhelming to find the materials that you really need to create what you’re looking to make. The only thing that the Pinners Conference was lacking in the classes was one on sewing. My girls from So Sew English were there BUT there were no classes on sewing to get excited about fabrics!

The Pinners Conference offered a weekend of fun away from my children and surrounded me with people who loved crafts just like I do. Next year I think I’ll bring Mini because it really was nice to see moms with their daughters enjoying things.

Have you been to the Pinners Conference before? Does this sound like a place for you?