Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a self-professed cookie monster. I wasn’t always one but pregnancy with abc turned me into Sesame Street’s blue monster on steroids. Like I wouldn’t just sit and eat a couple of cookies to quench the thirst for the craving. I would sit and eat an entire package of Oreo’s under the guise that breastfeeding was eating those calories. My waistline says differently. Though I know that I can’t eat packages of cookies at a time, I still want the cookies! And now I can have them with Cookie Republic

What Is Cookie Republic?

I grew up in NY and have kept in contact with some of my friends that I knew then. One of my little brother types (he’s not so little now. In fact he’s this super strong and like big guy who’s dominating the nutrition industry) went to school for nutrition and I’d been vaguely following what was going on with him until he posted about these delicious and nutrition cookies. Naturally I paid attention because, well, cookie monster.

Just a brief history… In 2012 Sundan Seward and his fellow firehouse friends birthed the concept of the cookie out of necessity. From 2012 until 2014 they perfected the recipe and developed the brand. And now they’re here offering a deliciously clean cookie for the world to partake in.

As a self-professed cookie-connoisseur, I know cookies. And these cookies here? Delish!

But How Do The Cookies Taste?

I’m a natural cookie connoisseur after devouring countless (don’t judge me) different cookies as well as turning away other (I do have standards). Honestly, most of those “healthy” cookies are gross in my opinion and I’m often left offended at the mere thought that they could compare their poor excuse of a sweet snack with that of a delicious cookie but I digress.

These cookies seriously live up to their promise. Sundan sent me the Chocolate Brownie and the Peanut Butter cookies and I was really impressed. Not only did they surpass my cookie standards but my kids devoured them as well. I’d like to mention that I was really unhappy about them eating my cookies because he sent them to me and I have trouble sharing but whatever… I’m a work in progress.

Pro-Tip: These cookies are already soft and feel freshly baked. Pop them in the microwave for 10 seconds and you’ll trick yourself into thinking that they were just baked!

As a self-professed cookie-connoisseur, I know cookies. And these cookies here? Delish!

Where Can You Find These?

Yes, I know you want them. I want more too and I won’t withhold the information from you any longer. You can find Cookie Republic Cookies here:


Also, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube!


I’m super proud of you Sundan!!!!