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When Groupon first came out, I was an addict. Never one to pass up a good deal, Groupon and I became besties fast. Our relationship has always been strong–especially now since mama is NOT a baller just yet.

But Groupon did something even more spectacular: They added coupons to their site. Some may know about this, some may not but as a lover of useful information, I’m dropping that hot fire knowledge on you today. And because I don’t want you guys left out in the wind since Mother’s Day is THIS WEEKEND, here are the Groupon coupons you should be focusing on:

Top 10 Groupon Coupons You Need This Mother’s Day

  1. Edible Arrangements Coupon: This is one of my favorites because I love Edible Arrangements! They always have the best tasting fruit. Their pineapple? True perfection!
  2. Shutterfly Coupon: There’s actually a plethora of these which I love. After having the photo shoot done, I now want to display ALL the photos without using my entire tax return!
  3. T.J. MaxxIf your mom or wife is a “Maxxinista” then you need to make sure you’re gifting her with some free shipping! I know it’s not just me who will load an entire cart online and rethink my $500 purchase over $7.99 shipping.
  4. Jane Stone: Prior to seeing the coupon on Groupon, I’d never heard of this store but after checking it out, I’m quite happy that there’s a 20% off coupon for their items!
  5. Macy’s: My mom and I have bonded over many trips to Macy’s! They have such a great selection and what better way to celebrate the mom in your life by taking them to pick something out they love and getting an awesome discount?
  6. Target: Don’t judge me–I’m an addict. I love shopping there with my RedCard and getting that 5%. Plus their always trying to make me save more money with Cartwheel and coupons and in-store deals. TARGET I LOVE YOU!!!
  7. 1-800-FLOWERSI said it on Monday, we love flowers. Get 20% off with the Groupon coupon!
  8. RoadRunner: Yes, a running store. I know one of my goals is to really get back into running and what’s better than a useful gift to help me? Plus, who doesn’t love a gift that will earn it’s keep?
  9. Victoria’s Secret: Working on making her a mom of more than one? Welp, Vicky’s has you covered! They have like one thousand and one free gifts going on right now and we love a tote!
  10. Ann Taylor: Ann Taylor screams class, grace, and style. And their clothes fit really well! I hear that there’s some 40% sales happening!

**Honorable Mention – Zenni Optical: I’ve gotten about 6 pairs of glasses from here (don’t judge, I like variety). They are REALLY well priced and have super fast shipping!

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So, who’s doing what for Mother’s Day?

**Disclaimer: TCM received some form of compensation for this post though all opinions and thoughts expressed are our own.**