When I was a child, my mom always had a bag packed for me when we would travel long distance or even just when we were out and about. Now a mom, my girls have their activity bags packed and ready to go as well. Between church, lunch dates, dinners, and mommy just running around, we have to be ready! So what’s in them right?

backpack from www.kidsomania.com

backpack from www.kidsomania.com

Under 1:

At this age they are so consumed with shoving everything in their mouths that I currently have a lot of teethers an small things that abc can stick in her mouth. She loves phones, remotes, and books that have those touch and feel pages. Here’s what we currently have along with some other ideas:

1-2 years

At this age mini was totally into her little hands. She loved coloring and cars. So in her bag was the following:

3-4 years

I’m not sure what happened with coloring, but mini was NOT interested or here for it at all. At this age, we had the following in her bag:

5-6 years

This is where we are now. We pack a lot of the same things that she had previously with the addition of:

7-10 years

These were probably my favorite years because I’d developed my own interests in movies, loved to do little worksheets and play solitaire with real cards. Here are some suggestions for these bags:

  • iPod Touch w/age appropriate apps
  • Madlibs books
  • Books
  • Earbuds

By age 10-11, the kids should know what they like and should have no problem packing things for themselves to stay occupied.

Want some more ideas? Check out some additional things here and snag them as well!

What types of things do you have ready to occupy your kids?

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