I remember when I was at my first real job out of college. My co-worker I shared an office with got pregnant and she would be so tired she started to take power naps to make it through the day. Now I’ve always been a lover of naps since I was a kid so napping as an adult made sense to me. But I had no idea what the phenomenon of a power nap was until I hit adulthood and I didn’t get the necessity of them until my first pregnancy.

What Is A Power Nap?

A power nap is a nap that lasts between 15-45 minutes in which your body hits REM super fast. They’re designed to give you the energy and rest that you would normally get during a full night’s sleep with way less time.

Yes friends, you will wake up alert and ready to take on the rest of your day like the boss you are.

5 Tips To Taking A Power Nap And Waking Refreshed

Time It Right

People always joke about how you get sleepy after you eat. Well, folks, it’s scientifically backed that this is true–you do get more sleepy after eating! Which also makes napping at this time prime because you’ll fall asleep faster.

Set An Alarm

What’s worse than oversleeping in the morning? Oversleeping during nap time. If you sleep more that the 15-45 minutes grogginess happens which is the very thing we’re trying to avoid. So be sure to set your alarm around the 20-30 minute window.

Practice Makes Perfect

Yes, you should practice napping! No really, practice falling asleep or quieting your mind often–it’ll make it that much easier to fall asleep when it’s time to power nap.

Sleep is self-care and the time to do it is, well, whenever you can fit it in! I learned the benefit of the power nap and I'm sharing my tips with you!

Have A Cup of Coffee

This seems counter-intuitive, right? It’s not. It takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes for that caffeine to hit your blood stream so by the time you wake up you’ll have a jolt of energy. My fave? I take Adrenal by RidgeCrest Herbals before I lay down. When I wake up I’m killing productivity.

Get Some Help

Yes, there are things to help you power nap efficiently. Make sure that you have a place that you can be comfy in that has the things that make you hit peak levels of comfort quickly. Can’t quiet your mind and fall asleep quickly? Take 2 Power Nap supplements from RestoreZ Health and lay down. Or sit up. If you watch my stories, you know I love taking this when I need my midday pick-me-up.

Sleep IS self-care so don’t be afraid to take care of yourselves!

Are you a napper? Why/why not?