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It’s that time. Time for abc to go back to daycare. My goal was to have her home with me until 18 months so that if we wanted to, we could put her in a Montessori program. But the way that abc is set up, she needs to be in an environment that is catering to her versus having me split my time between running a business and raising my baby.
When looking for our new daycare, it was easy to find using these 4 tips:

I’m Happy

The balancing act between making sure that abc isn’t doing anything crazy, getting my work done, feeding her, working out, taking care of the house…well, my list can go on but I think you get my point. After she spent her trial day with the new daycare, it was confirmed that she needed to start sooner rather than later. She walked in and felt so comfortable. She hugged the other children, played nicely, ate her snacks and lunch and was hanging out with the teacher by the time I came to pick her up. She was happy and took a nice, 2 hour long nap. And you know what? I wasn’t overwhelmed. I wasn’t frazzled. I wasn’t completely put together either but dropping her off I looked like zombie mom and picking her up I looked quite nice! I was able to go to the bathroom and take a shower without an audience!

I’m A Little Sad

As happy as I am, I’m a little sad as well. I wanted to be that mom that was able to balance work and their budding toddler and then the reality sunk in that it wasn’t me. It’s not abc either. She’s an active child who wants to play and my reality is that in order for me to not feel like I’m working all day, I need some solid work hours. I’ve been quite overwhelmed and spastic and the quality of person that I am has deteriorated. She’s only going for half the day but I’m going to miss her shenanigans throughout the mornings.

Preparing for Her Return to Daycare

I’m one of those moms who wants to over-prepare their child. Like I don’t want her to run out of diapers, clothes, wipes, etc. because I always want her to be prepared. I’ve got 1001 diapers packed and ready. Her outfits are picked out and back up outfits ready. When we made the decision to put abc back in daycare, I knew I wanted to try out some new wipes because of the issues we’d been having with diaper rash when she was in daycare previously.


Target is one of my FAVORITE places to do some focused shopping (to be read as aimless walking) and I saw WaterWipes above the normal brand I use. I’m not going to lie, I was a little skeptical upon using them simply because I’d developed a habit of using my previous brand. But I love WaterWipes! The wipes were large in size and more durable than I thought they would be. WaterWipes are made with 2 ingredients–water and grapeseed extract. There are no preservatives in here whatsoever since these are chemical-free.

Sending abc back to daycare knowing that her skin will be cared for chemical-free makes me worry way less. At home, we use these wipes for cleaning her hands, face, bottom, everything because I know that it’s safe for her. She loves to chew everything and with the natural ingredients of WaterWipes I don’t have to be concerned with her ingesting harmful chemicals as she deals with the angst of teething.

I’m Ready

Knowing that I’ve chosen the best daycare option that fits within the time frame I need to get work done and my budget I’m ready for her to make her debut at daycare–again. Sending her to daycare with WaterWipes comforts me knowing that her skin is going to be cared for as well as we have at home.

Do you have littles in daycare? How have you prepared them?