Today I feel like crap.

After battling with abc’s stomach bug and then her double ear infection, I think I’ve been hit with the crud. Or allergies. But something. I have no fever but my throat and ears feel congested and in pain. Because I’m not big on medicines and there’s a limited amount that I can take as I’m still breastfeeding, tonight I’m going to have to whip out the old home remedies:

Gargle with Peroxide

Everyone says to gargle with warm salt water but honestly speaking, that literally does nothing for me. I thought it would change so I did it this morning before leaving the house but nope, still nothing besides the taste that I’d been swimming in an ocean when I hadn’t. Diluting warm water with peroxide has always worked for me. The peroxide will kill any bacteria that may be present in my throat and the warm water will comfort as well as dilute the strength of the peroxide as to not damage my throat. I will normally do 3/4 cup warm water to 1/8 cup peroxide. It does that fizz in the back of my throat which is super disgusting but let’s me know it’s working.

Rub My Ears with Essential Oils and Warm Compresses

I love essential oils (EO). Like super love them. I think essential oils and Breastmilk can cure most things. I’m going to rub some lavender EO on the outer ear and tea tree EO on the inner ear. I dilute both of them with a bit of coconut oil since it can be harsh on your skin. Both lavender and tea tree oils have antibacterial properties in case the mucus that’s building up gets infected before leaving my system.

I’ll also be doing warm compresses with a sock filled with Himalayan Pink Salt. To warm it, I’ll be using a pan until the salts have warmed, flipping it often for even warmth throughout. The warm salt helps the drainage. I’ll sit for 10 min on each ear.

Eucalyptus EO on my Feet

Eucalyptus EO is a wonderful tool. If you or baby have fevers or congestion, put a little on your feet and it breaks it up pretty quickly.

Lots of Fluids

Not just water either, though I’m shooting for over 100oz today. I’ll be making a nice, hot tea with some peppermint,lemon, local honey and local bee pollen. Just in case it’s my allergies, I want to address that too. Ingesting local honey and bee pollen helps to handle allergies. I’ll be drinking this throughout the day for a couple days to build up my system against allergy season.

Hopefully this will help. If not, I’ll be at the docs office next week lol!

What home remedies do you use for colds and allergies?