One of the most frustrating things about being plus-sized is shopping for clothing. I’m lucky because I pretty much make all of my clothes. I can choose my fabrics and silhouettes and create the wardrobe I want that’s also sustainable. But not everyone has that option and for a long time, finding size-inclusive sustainable clothing brands that were also more than brown, looking like a sack was nearly impossible. But times have changed for the better.

And I’m pretty happy about that.

Fat People Are Committed To Sustainability Too

I remember one of the first campaigns I got talking about sustainable clothing. I shopped their site, ordered the largest size they had, and these jeans wouldn’t go past my knees. The sweater was so tight that I needed help getting it off. I was too embarrassed to tell my rep that I couldn’t fit the clothing so I would have to do flat lays.

Shame. Frustration. Anger.

I was mad at myself for feeling like there was something wrong with me wanting to have sustainably made jeans and sweaters that I didn’t have to try and shrink myself to fit. Fat people want sustainability too and clothing brands don’t seem to want our money. Or at least that was the case 5 years ago. Things are changing!

I scoped out some websites and fell in love with some things. There are more than 20 size-inclusive sustainable clothing brands out there now (hallelujah) but I’m only sharing the places I would legit shop at.

20 Plus-Size Sustainable Clothing Brands With Cute Clothes

Alright… Let’s get into them!!!

Made Trade – This site is BEAUTIFUL! It’s easy to navigate and their sizing goes up to a 5X. Made Trade sells more than just clothing. This brand will have you, your house, and your life filled with sustainably and ethically made beauty.

Christy Dawn – Ok. So you know how media presents the crunchy moms as being these thin, ethereal beauties that wear these earthy-toned dresses that float when you walk? Yeah, so Christy Dawn is the plus-sized version of this. These dresses are just beautiful.

Girlfriend Collective – I almost forgot I was writing this when I went to their website! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the style here. Think of it as, pandemic chic because it’s all loungewear that you’d want to live in. There’s definitely a unitard in my cart!

Levis – Yes, friends, THE Levis! Now I don’t know if this is how they’ve always been but Levis has a strong commitment to being sustainable with how they source and produce their denim and jeans. They go up to a size 26.

Day-Won – Day-Won is the activewear brand that plus-size women are looking for. Their pieces are bold, versatile, and size-inclusive. All of their pieces go up to a 32.

Hackwith Design House – I really love the options on this website–that also has swimsuits! It definitely has that whimsical, Little House On The Prairie vibe to it but in a more polished way.

Universal Standard – I’ve always loved their clothing. It’s so simple but chic. They have a lot of basics like bodysuits for layering which I absolutely love.

Big Bud Press – Bright colors. Clean lines. Cute styles. All that describes Big Bud Press. I love that their fabric is locally colored with sustainable dyes.

IGIGI Plus Size Designer Dresses – Have someplace special to go? Getting married? Wearing a ball gown to the Farmer’s Market? IGIGI has all that and then some because the dresses are custom-made to your measurements!

DL1961 – Ok so they specialize in jeans that are peak sustainability. They have inclusive sizing for men’s, women’s, kid’s, and pet’s sizing. Complete disclosure: they are pricey but I’m sure it’s worth it.

Sotela – These items are excellent if you’re into having a capsule wardrobe. They are minimalist chic with a limited color palette. If earthy neutrals are your thing, this is a place you’ll love to shop.

Wray – This is another site that would be great to build a capsule wardrobe from. They have really bright, bold colors and beautiful silhouettes.

Mara Hoffman – Ok so I am LOVING this brand. They have both beautiful statement pieces with everyday essentials. And the aesthetic? *chefs kiss*

Kirrin Finch – If being super femme or sporty isn’t your thing, Kirrin Finch offers a beautiful, androgynous, menswear designed for women, trans and non-binary folks.

ALTAR – If there were a brand that I felt fit my aesthetic best, ALTAR is it. It’s sexy and earthy and feminine but also not all at the same time.

Ace & Jig – They have a really unique aesthetic. Everything is plaid so if you’re a plaid lover, this store was made for you!

Free Label – This brand has both pre-orders and in-stock inventory that you can order from. Based on what’s in stock, there are about 5 colors used–very earthy. I love the look–I’m pretty sure I have patterns for each of these pieces already.

METTAMADE – Friends, I love a comfy jumpsuit. Like love, love love, and METTAMADE has some of the cutest jumpsuits! I also really love their accessories too.

HARA – This retailer specializes in undies and loungewear. I love the simple lines that don’t look frumpy. Sustainability is sexy and it’s important to show that!

Azura Bay – More undies!!! Sexy but in a completely different way as HARA. There are laces and more designs here which I absolutely love love love!

Ok friends. That’s it. These are the size-inclusive sustainable brands that have some stylish pieces that I would rock. What are your thoughts? Did I miss any?