On August 13, 2014 @ 2:02pm we delivered our precious little gift. This is her birth story.

i was over pregnancy. on august 12, i was scheduled to be induced. we waited and waited and waited on the call telling us that we could come in. we arrived at the hospital at about 11:00pm. after getting checked in, the nurse notified us that we would be induced at 8am the next morning. in my head, she would have already been born by then but whatever. d and i went to sleep for as long as we could.

Giving birth is my favorite part of pregnancy--not because it's over but because I finally get to meet the little person inside me. Here's ABC's story.

by 7am we were up. i was nervous. with mini i went into labor on my own. i was in 12 hours of active labor and i did this epidural free. this time we would be using pitocin and still no epidural. by 9am i started feeling some consistent contractions. i was still only about 3cm dilated and still in early labor. my doctor came in and broke my water. and then the party really started. i was walking around for a bit and trying to do all the moves that i’d looked up on pinterest. once the pain discomfort really kicked in, i had to sit down. at around noon they checked me again. i was 4.5 cm dilated and discouraged. how could i have just dilated under 2 cm in all that time?!!?!?

ABC was in there rolling around and kicking through contractions making them worse. my contraction were coming back to back and i was getting no relief. they gave me something in my IV to make us both sleep. at 1:45pm i woke up and felt the need to push. i let d know and he told the nurse. they checked me and i was 9 nearly 10cm dilated and fully effaced. it was almost go time. i couldn’t stop the pushing but i tried. i knew from birthing class with mini that if my body wasn’t fully ready then i could risk having to have an emergency c-section. at 2:00pm they checked me again and i was 10cm and ready to go.

the room wasn’t ready for ABC’s arrival. there was no doctor, no midwife, just 2 nurses. i let them know that she was coming. they thought i was talking about the doctor but i was talking about the baby. not long after, i pushed her head out as i was sitting. “her head is out!” i told the nurses. they brushed me off till d looked down and saw her little head and he exclaimed “no really, her head is out.  i can see it!” this got their attention and they told me not to push anymore. they checked to make sure that her umbilical cord wasn’t around her neck and then they slid me onto my back and i pushed her out with one more push.

two pushes and i had my second beautiful little girl. she weighed 8lbs, 10oz and was 21in long. i didn’t tear or need stitches or anything shortly after, the midwife came in. then my doctor. and it was all over. nine months of discomfort came to a close with 2 hours and 2 pushes.