Happy New Year! For 2022, I had written this amazing blog post about how I was really looking forward to the year and never published it. It’s now January 1 2023 and I’m sitting down ready to write again. And more importantly, I’m ready to shine in life.

2020 was… well, we all know what it was.
2021 was my hardest year.
2022 was pretty good. I got really good momentum.

In 2023 I’m Stepping Into My Power

I didn’t do the choosing of a word this year but if I had to, I would choose either POWER or SHINE. In truth, I’m really excited about this year. 2022 I took time off from writing and structure to just float around to see where I landed. I learned so about my purpose, about the things I love, and what I want my legacy to be. It was truly eye opening.

Last year I did things that I never imagined doing. I was seen by people that I never thought in a million years would see me. But the most important person that saw me was me. And I finally saw a glimpse of what others see in me versus what my trauma goggles showed me.

You all may already know and see this but y’all… I’m pretty dope and rather excellent at what I do.

I Learned A Lot In 2022

The things I did in 2022 set the precedent for 2023. I stopped writing to gather my thoughts. After being forced to move and settle into a new home, navigating parenting in new times, my husband getting a new job, me being coached for the first time in my life, I needed time to gather my scattered thoughts.

And I did that. I kicked off the year being coached and learned so much. I kicked off both group and 1:1 coaching programs that have been successful—I’m an international business coach! I developed courses and VIP days that have helped my clients grow and gain confidence in their businesses.

I traveled to new places. I went to Mexico for pleasure & Utah, Vegas and Canada for work having an incredible time. My kids thrived and traveled to new places as well.

My biggest takeaways from the year were:

  • I was meant to be a creative and my design aesthetic is rather dope.
  • My target audience for my business coaching and development are other creatives. After being taught there’s no money in art, I get to teach something different.
  • I am STILL very passionate about sustainability thought I’m disappointed in the lack of real attention it’s getting.
  • I love being a plus size creator and inspiring other people to live out loud in whatever body they have.
  • Motherhood is so challenging but I love it. I really love my kids and the way that I parent them. They are such amazing little personalities that I’m excited to grow with.
  • I made the right decision in who I married. My husband is the most amazing man that I know and I am still so excited I get to wake up to him everyday.

How I Plan To Make My 2023 SHINE

I’m the person that always starts the year off with ALL the goals and while I have a million and one things I want to accomplish, there are a couple areas of focus that I have that I’m hoping will facilitate success.

Being More Intentional

Like many others, I tend to hop on social media and doom scroll for hours. I don’t want to lie and say that I’ll never use social media because that would be setting myself up for failure. But I’d like to be more intentional with how I’m scrolling. Setting a timer, using specific searches, and using allotted times is how I plan on doing this.

Being more intentional period will help me to achieve all my goals. I want to gain more control over frivolous spending, how I show up for my businesses, and more.

Honoring My Energy

In an ideal world, I would have all the energy to accomplish everything I set out to. My truth is, I don’t have an unlimited source of energy and that’s ok. Riding the wave of my energy and preparing for it will help me in the long run.

Paying More Attention To Myself

Listening to my body and fueling it with what it needs is something I let fall to the sidelines the last couple of years. Not anymore though. My body requires more movement, less carbs, more greens, more fruits, etc. in order to function properly. I started gaining more control of this in the beginning of last year and towards the end of the year. Now I need to make this a practice.

At the end of 2023, I want to look back and say, “I walked in the fullness of my power and didn’t dim my light for anyone.” That’s what success will feel like for me.

Have you set your intentions for the year? Chosen a word?