While I was still working, I’d seen a couple of women that were participating in this challenge in hopes to develop more of a minimalists closet. I’ve decided to hop on this bandwagon but for my own reasons.


 I Need To Get Out Of My “Mom Uniform”

When I left corporate, I could not wait to just not HAVE to get dressed. I was so excited about endless mornings, afternoons and evenings donning my most comfy leggings and yoga pants coupled with my husbands over-sized shirts. Yes… I just wanted to wallow in comfort after feeling like a sausage for so long at work. But I forgot to factor in the fact that I own close to 100 pairs of shoes and probably 2 closets full of clothing–for just about each season. Don’t judge me. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE clothes and shoes and fashion but the only thing that has been getting regular wear has been my workout gear. And only 1/3 of the time am I actually working out in it. In fact, it’s sad because I’ll have on my workout stuff, workout, then change into more workout gear–to not workout in. I have a rather nicely developed wardrobe too so my mission is to employ it. During these next 30 days, my workout clothes will be worn to workout in and I’ll be wearing my pieces from the capsule otherwise.

I Need To Feel Pretty
It’s so easy to fall into not taking care of yourself when it’s normally just you and your crew. My husband and kids think I’m beautiful regardless of what I have on and most days I do too but, well, let’s face it… I haven’t been feeling pretty. This is way different than being beautiful. I feel like what I look like–unkept and not really taken care of. There was a time that my nails were never undone, I was always dressed, and I had a regular regimen in self-care. Now? Well, let’s just say that my tattered clothing isn’t the only thing that needs some work. During these 30 days, I will also re-employ a new beauty regimen to compliment my “new & improved” looks.

I DO Need To Get Rid Of My Clothing
I’ve been in business casual clothing for almost half my life and my closet reflects that but that’s no longer my lifestyle. I’ve already gotten rid of most of those things–not all because I do have some speaking engagements and church and other things. But I also have a slew of clothing that just doesn’t fit and that is no longer my style. After having mini, I went through a redefining of my style so that I felt like I was always comfortable with how I looked in my new role as a mother. Now as a wife and mother of two, I’m not sure how I want to look–I know I don’t want to look like a tween but nor do I want to look like an old maid. What’s in between? I”m not sure but I’m certainly not finding out as I wear the same thing day after day. After the 30 days of actually getting dressed and seeing myself, I think I’ll have some better direction of where I want to go style wise.

But one of REAL goals is to no longer be able to fit the clothes that I’ll be wearing for the 30 days. I said this previously, but I’m doing a 90 day challenge with my gym and I’m really committed to the transformation that I want my body, mind, and spirit to take during this time. After this first 30 days, my goal is to have lost the inches so that I can’t wear the clothes anymore. I NEED to see a difference from the work that I’m putting in even if it’s not the scale that is reflecting it.

I’m excited about the challenge. I’ve opted to do 20 pieces for 30 days–the month of September. I’ll be posting tomorrow the introduction to the pieces that were chosen and then daily posts of the outfit of the day for accountability purposes.

Have you ever done the wardrobe capsule? Would you?