Yep, today is my 32nd birthday. This past year has been pretty eventful. In honor of no longer being 31, here are 31 things I did from my 31st year:

  1. Worked until I went into labor
  2. Went through labor without pain meds again
  3. Had a baby
  4. Cried a lot to my husband about thinking I wouldn’t be able to handle 2 children
  5. Learned that I could handle both an infant and a preschooler at the same time
  6. Stayed home with my baby for 11 weeks before returning to work
  7. Returned to writing about motherhood at “mom with a blog”
  8. Gave a presentation to 6th graders about the importance of writing
  9. Celebrated being married for a year
  10. Fell in love with my husband 365 days
  11. “Ran” a race–I say ran loosely because there was lots of walking
  12. Began quilting
  13. Sold my first quilt
  14. Helped my hubs get a new job in his career field
  15. Started The Crunchy Mommy blog
  16. Incorporated my company as The Crunchy Mommy, LLC
  17. Opened my first business accounts
  18. Opened an Etsy Shop
  19. Have completed 38 orders on my Etsy Shop
  20. Made a whipped body butter that has made the symptoms of my daughter’s eczema disappear
  21. Started selling that
  22. Quit my job in corporate America to follow my dreams
  23. Started sewing for myself
  24. Started sewing for other’s and selling my pieces
  25. Rejoined a gym
  26. Started swimming again
  27. Fell in love with thrifting
  28. Binge watched Sense 8 (such an amazing series)
  29. Read #GIRLBOSS and totally recommend it
  30. Got into listening to audiobooks
  31. Stopped being afraid of my past and started living freely in my present and looking forward to my future

I always feel bad when people ask me what I want for my birthday. I’ve married the man of my dreams who has so much faith in me that he encouraged me to follow my dreams. I’m a mom which is something I’ve always wanted to be. I’m healthy. My babies are healthy. So what could I want? 

Well, there are some things I want but they can’t really be given to me… But here’s what I would want if I were asking:

  • To not judge my beauty based upon the numbers on the scale, measuring tape, or size in clothes
  • To stop having breakouts on my skin like I’m 13 again
  • For my business to be a success so I know that I made the right decision in leaving corporate
  • Lifelong protection from harm for my loved ones
  • Racism to end and for the world to embrace and love each other for the differences we have

Since I don’t believe in not working on a problem when I see it, for my 32nd year of life I’ve given myself a challenge. It’s going to be super difficult for me because I struggle with consistency and discipline but these are also things I want to work on. Everyday this year I will work out minimum of 20 minutes per day, plan out my days the night before and keep a jar where I write something that was great for that day in it. 

Well, I’m off to see how many free things I can get for my birthday!!!