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I can’t believe that Father’s Day is already around the corner. It feels like the year just started yesterday but here we are in June celebrating with gifts for dads in our lives. I love Father’s Day—it’s always been a favorite of mine. Growing up, I had an amazing dad and my kids have a pretty awesome one as well which is why I get so excited about spoiling them.

While I wish I could gift my dad health, wellness and safety, I can’t so I’m focusing on thinking outside the box—or in it—to make sure he knows that I really love and honor his presence in my life. Since I’m a HUGE lover of subscription boxes, I’m going to sign him up for one that is aligned with his interests. If you’re looking for unique and thoughtful gifts for dad, look no further than this list here. 

Father's Day is right around the corner and it's the perfect time to check out this round up gifts for dad that are based on his interest!

9 of the Best Interest-Based Gifts For Dad

  1. Basic Man 
    If the dad in your life is anything like my husband, he goes through the basics pretty quickly. This subscription box replaces all those basics monthly—out with the old, in with the new. For under $17/month, they’ll be sent quality t-shirts, socks and boxer briefs made from high-quality fabrics monthly. 
  2. Grill Masters Club 
    Does the dad in your life love to take care of the grill? This box is filled with grill essentials that will take his grill master to the next level. For under $25, this box includes 4 full-sized products. I’m pretty sure you can’t lose with the Grill Masters Club
  3. SaloonBox 
    The SaloonBox is a quarterly box that turns the dad in your life into a pseudo-professional mixologist—even if for just a moment. Each kit contains enough for 4 drinks and contains approximately 15 items per box.
  4. Stick in a Box 
    Confession: I’m a sucker for some good jerky so while this is on the list of gifts for dads, know this will probably be received well by any jerky lover. Stick in a Box is one of the original gourmet (so not your basic jerky you can just get anywhere) jerky boxes that is only $14.99 monthly. 
  5. Your Morning Grind 
    Who doesn’t love bean soup? Ok, I’m talking about coffee so this may be the best box on the list since it benefits everyone. I’m all for a house-benefitting gift—I mean, he couldn’t be a father if it weren’t for you amiright? For $18.75/month, you get a variety of coffee AND snacks. 
  6. Adults & Crafts 
    Listen: dads craft too—they just make it seem like they don’t! The Adults & Crafts Box is $30.00 per month and they get everything they need to create something new and crafty. This is a cute box because it’s something they can do together with the kids monthly depending on their ages. 
  7. Southern Cigar Company 
    You know, making it through another week is reason to celebrate and the Southern Cigar Company sends you 4 cigars a box to light up in celebration. If the dad in your life is a lover of quality cigars, definitely treat him to this monthly box that runs $37.95/month. 
  8. The Rad Dad Box
    Transitioning to parenthood is something that we all need a little help with and the Rad Dad box provides that to new dads. Each month, they’ll receive a box that will help them with late nights, bonding with baby, and more. 
  9. Craftsman Crate 
    Now is the perfect time to get a new habit or skillset and the Craftsman Crate offers this to the dad in your life in this box. Within this box are the tools to learn a new artisan skill for $30/month. Treat them to learning and having fun monthly!

Growing up, I think our gifts for dad ranged from ties to, well, ties. Now there are so many more creative ways to show dad that you appreciate them even if you can’t be with them this year.

So tell me, what gifts for dads are you thinking about getting?