Whew! This past 24 hours has been an eventful one.

After abc woke up with a fever of 102.5 in the middle of the night, I packed her up and took her to the ER at my pediatricians recommendation. Last night I learned that all ER’s are not made equally when concerning babies. Getting seen was a breeze though the entire experience was awkward to say the least. Between the “beautiful mind” moment I had with the nurse to the radiologist touching the air around abc versus her to the doctor telling me about his marital problems after asking me if I suck abc’s snot out with my mouth (I do), I was waiting for the cameras to jump out to say I was being punked.

Nevertheless, I wasn’t.

They ruled out pneumonia but they didn’t do a very good job at telling me what was wrong with her outside of maybe a little virus. That wasn’t good enough for me so I took her to the pediatricians office. There we found out she had fluid in her left ear and an infection in her right ear. Pobrecita!

Cool. So we have the diagnosis. abc seemed to be in good spirits so we did a little running around.

Breathe in the positive… when I went to pick up the very last Elf on the Shelf from Barnes & Noble, the cashier gave me her discount! Breathe out the negative… I couldn’t get abc to nurse. Instead she slept through her feeding. Breathe in the positive… I got a chance to start on my Christmas shopping at my favorite place in the world and got some great discounts! Breathe out the negative… abc wanted to be held as I walked around Target. 15.5 lbs while pushing a cart is NOT easy.

Breathe in the positive… Target price matched Publix on my antibiotics so I paid nothing for them!!! Breathe out the negative… abc again wouldn’t nurse so I go to hand express in the car to relieve some pressure and she has a blow out–all over me. Breathe in the positive… We got cleaned up, made it home where she nursed and I was able to hand express a total of 5oz.

Now that I’m on a positive note, I need some R&R with my hubby!!!