It is the little things in life that really stay with you. Those small moments that you take for granted or that seem so insignificant that they seem fleeting. These are the times we need to hold on to. These are the times that teach us our life lessons. These are the moments we should be living for. The little brackets of time that will forever stay suspended in our minds as a reminder of what is important.

My Memories

Growing up I didn’t have a father. (A completely different blog post!) I was never “Daddy’s little girl” . My grandfather was a big influence in my life, though. I remember when I was 5 years old, my family moved upstairs from my grandparents.  We shared meals together.  We played games. We watched television.  And every Wednesday,  when Grandpa would come home from work, he would bring two hot dogs: one for me and one for him. We would sit in his kitchen and I remember thinking he was the smartest man in the world. We would talk about science,  or math, or anything that deemed educational.  I lived for Wednesdays. Wednesdays with Grandpa.

I can still remember to this day learning how the earth revolves around the sun. And how North America is closest to the sun during our winter but ,because we are at a certain angle, our temperatures are not as warm as the summer time. I can still remember how that information blew my mind (and it still does)! I also can still feel how my five year old self felt having my grandfather talk to me like such an adult . That more than anything had a huge impact on my life.

So often we rush through life without paying attention to moments that seem little but become bigger and more impactful with the help of dejavu.

The Beauty of Dejavu

A few weeks ago I lived a sort of sentimental dejavu. My father in law came over with two doughnuts: one for him and one for my oldest to share. (My youngest is still too little to enjoy these sweets . Perhaps one day.) They sat at the dining room table and talked about topics here and there.  All while enjoying a doughnut.

That’s when the dejavu appeared.  I smiled, with some tears in my eyes, and looked upwards. My heart said a quiet thank you to my grandfather.  Not just for the memories that I kept close to my heart. But that my children will get to experience the same joy and happiness that was given to me.

Our Loved Ones Are Always With Us In Memory

I always feel my grandfather near me. Things happen all the time and I know he is there. He has been gone almost three years and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him or ask him for his guidance. Sure, he was one tough cookie and there were times where we disagreed. But one thing can be said of him: he was there. That is one thing my five year old self will never forget. And I know he had a hand in the doughnuts my father in law shares with them. That was my grandpa.

So often we rush through life without paying attention to moments that seem little but become bigger and more impactful with the help of dejavu.

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