hence my lack of writing.

instead of writing and really fine tuning my craft, i opted to spend time snuggling with my baby before i returned to work. it’s been 2 days and i think we’re good. i haven’t freaked out–well, outside of the first time i left her and i cried till i got to starbucks and then cried a little in my coffee before going off to enjoy chaperoning mini’s field trip.

but i want to be “that” mom. you know, the one that goes on the field trips, comes to the school parties, and does all that stuff that involved moms do. i want to be an involved mom. more importantly, when i’m not being an involved mom, i want to be doing something that i love.

what does that look like right? welp, at 31 i finally know what i want to be when i grow up–a writer and motivational speaker of sorts. i have a message. i figured out what it was. i have an audience. multiple ones in fact. i have the drive, now more than ever. i’m going to make it happen.

i had a great conversation with a mentor about how to get these things started. being back at work is just the start. i’m going to make this work for me so that i’m no longer working on someone else’s schedule outside of my own. i’m excited for things to come!!!