Welcome to the rebrand, friends! After being The Crunchy Mommy for more than 6 years, I needed to make a change. Evolution is natural, right?

When I started The Crunchy Mommy, I was knee-deep in motherhood. Like it was my identity. And I wanted to help moms live a more eco-friendly life, parent easier, and that was my focus. Babies, moms, living green. But so much has happened since I started this site and I grew. A lot.

I’ve Changed A Lot Since Starting The Crunchy Mommy

At my core, I’m still the same. I love the Earth, still want to save it, practice conscious parenting, and help parents feel better and more secure about parenting. But my lens has shifted. Whereas I shared through the lens of being a mom first, I’ve reclaimed my identity as, well, me. Going through the whole panorama has changed a lot for me. There were no distractions from how Black people have been and continue to be treated.

Seeing this changed a lot of my perspective. I don’t want to say it jaded me but it opened my eyes to how much work we have left. And how I felt like under The Crunchy Mommy, I didn’t feel like I had a voice to share about how inherently anti-Black so many things are. That didn’t feel good to me.

Also: being completely transparent, the sustainability world is a little depressing at the moment. Climate change is coming and people are in denial. If we (not as in individuals but the largest scale of we–like businesses) don’t do something drastic about how the Earth is being treated, there will be no Earth left to mistreat. Like people have started countdowns until it’s too late to change things to save the world and that countdown is rapidly coming to an end.

Things like this really rock me to my core. Under the voice of The Crunchy Mommy, I felt passive. I felt like an imposter. I felt like I was supposed to be an expert in a world that’s constantly changing and I was tired of that.

My Audience’s Needs Have Changed

I’m not the only one who’s changed–you have too. So have your needs. While yes, I started this site because this is something that I wanted to do, I also started this to help and inspire others. In order for me to do that, I have to keep up with your needs too. I know you still care about the environment–we all want to live on a planet that’s healthy and not feel like we birthed our kids just to suffer on a planet that’s no longer viable–but this panda bear also revealed things about our mental health, physical health, spiritual health and more.

I want to continue to help, support, and inspire but I think this looks different now.

So What Does This Mean For Content?

The content will be similar. I’ll of course still be talking about parenting because I’m still a mom. I will always hype and talk about things like breastfeeding, babywearing, making your own baby foods, attachment parenting, and conscious parenting. I’ll also be sharing more about marriage as this was something that was requested a while ago and I didn’t feel like it had space on The Crunchy Mommy. There will be more clean beauty and sustainable fashion, home living, financial talk, etc. since the past almost 2 years I’ve been doing a lot of that. But there will also be a lot of what I call heart content. You know, the stuff that speaks to your spirit, heart, whatever you refer to your inner depths as.

I don’t want to feel like I have to be an expert. I want to feel like we’re friends sharing how we’re not just surviving, but thriving in this life together.

So, welcome to the re-brand. Welcome to me, Aaronica B. Cole.