Man… This has been one awesome year. I cannot believe that my baby is one. I can’t believe that I’m a mom of two, let alone a kindergartner and toddler–yes, toddler. At 2:02pm 1 year ago, we welcomed our second, sweet baby. She’s really a great combination of both the hubs and I. I think she gets her sweetness and charm from him, her fire and drive from me, her wit and intelligence (she’s developmentally ahead) from us both. I couldn’t be a more proud mom.

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Being a mom of two has truly been a whirlwind.


She has grown and matured so much with the presence of her little sister. Though she’s been known to be distracted by the TV, she’s so attentive to her little sister. She loves her so much and abc has revealed a very different side of mini that I love.

Screenshot 2015-08-13 at 7.01.31 AM


He’s pretty calm and I’m sure he doesn’t think I notice the way his face lights up when this sweet baby screams his name–when it’s not 3am. He is such a doting father and we’re all blessed to have him here.

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As you guys know, being a mother of two was a hard transition but I did it. I don’t think I could have if I didn’t already have an amazing daughter and husband to help out. I have got the sweetest little girls the world could ask for that have a nice “sassy” streak as well–balance lol.

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