This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I relish the notion of being alone. I’ve always loved it. Not that I don’t like being around people but in order for me to be the best version of myself, I need to be able to re-center myself alone. Having three kids that seem to always need me for something means that alone time is few and far between. This is why creating a place of solitude in your home is so important—especially when you have children. 

Where do you go in your home that offers that solitude? 

If your answer is a a closet, we may have some work to do, friend!

What Does Solitude Even Mean?

Official definitions of solitude allude to feelings of loneliness which is not the feeling that I’m speaking of. When I talk about creating a place of solitude in your home, I mean a place that you can be alone in comfort in. Being alone is such a beautiful thing. Listening to silence or the sounds of your choosing is incredible. When you’re constantly surrounded by noise and energy, solitude is welcome. 

So where is my place of solitude?

My deck.

Creating A Place of Solitude On Your Deck

Full disclosure: I hated my deck when we first moved in. It’s on the smaller side and our furniture was way too big for the space that we have. My in-laws gifted us a 6 piece, huge set that was perfect for their deck which was 3 times the size of ours. But it is such a comfy set that I didn’t want to give it up. And then the rug that we put out there in hopes of creating a softer appearance faded and was just ugly. 

But then my dad came over with a vision and my husband executed it creating a place of solitude for me for Mothers Day this year. I am in love. 

Starting From The Bottom Up

Having a deck with wood that’s been properly treated is key, especially living in the southern states. Brazilian Wood Depot offers a variety of hardwood including sustainable purpleheart decking which makes spending time outdoors even in bare feet bearable too! I also add a super comfortable rug to bring the entire space together and also added extra comfort.

Choosing the Right Furniture For The Space

Our deck is like a 10 x 8 space so it’s not too big. When we initially moved it, we had the 6 piece set out there which literally gave us NO room at all. And let’s be real here: if it’s not comfortable to get to seating, you’re just not going to use the space. And I didn’t because having to try and shrink myself to make the seating worked was just not something that felt good on the regular. But we also didn’t want to invest in brand new furniture.

So what we did was we moved the super large table and 3 of the chairs to the space under the deck. This way, when we were enjoying being outside, we could sit under the deck. We already had a small, outdoor table that I’d gotten a great deal on so we paired that with 2 of the chairs and it took up a fraction of the space while providing the same amount of comfort. And honestly, since I wanted to create a place of solitude I didn’t need many chairs out there anyway. 

Additional Adornments

I can’t put into words how much I love grilled food. With the new arrangement of the deck, we were able to put our grill up there which means, yes, my husband grills for me more now! In addition to the grill, my dad designed these beautiful flower arrangements in boxes designed for my railing. Even though I love the sun beaming on me, we added an umbrella which has worked to block falling berries from one of our trees. 

Utilizing the Space

My favorite thing to do is wake up before the kids and sit outside watching the sunrise after a workout. I take my coffee outside and listen to the sounds of nature in appreciation as I prepare my mind for the day. Starting out with those moments of solitude to ground myself has really been impactful on my mental health.

While the space is designed for me, my kids enjoy being out there with me too, and honestly, I enjoy it when they join me. They typically play quietly and enjoy the warmth of the sun rays or dancing in the rain. The evenings after our children are put to sleep are enjoyed by my husband and me together as we unwind with just the two of us. 

Being proactive and creating a space of solitude in your home is a decision that you won’t regret.