I’ve had to remind myself of this as I sit here thinking about everything that I’d like to do today. As I’m writing thing, it’s 8:30pm and these are the things I’m trying to accomplish before I got to bed:

  • 40min workout
  • sew a scarf
  • take photos of my new products and list them my Etsy shop
  • wrap and package my newest orders
  • rearrange my pdf planner so that I can have it printed off and bound making it more useful for me
  • log back into work to get a couple emails sent out
  • take a shower
  • write 1 or 2 posts here so that I can get it closer to launching
  • spend time with my husband

Did I mention that I’m trying to be in bed by 10:30pm? As I struggled with trying to figure out how I was going to accomplish all this AND sleep, I was reminded of a piece of advice that was recently given to me: Balance is achieved over the week, not every day. 

When he originally said this to me, I wanted to resist because how do you pick and choose which parts of your life are more important than others? Like I really need to be working out 5-6 days a week in order to get my health back in check. Is this not as important as nurturing my marriage or spending time with my girls or working to make my dream a reality? Here’s the thing, they are ALL important and because they all are, they each need be attended to equally–just not in one day. At times like this, properly prioritizing things comes into place.

What is the “hardest” to accomplish but will affect all other things? For me, right now that’s the planner. If I re-arrange the planner tonight and have it printed, then I can do a better job of planning out my week as well as making sure these other things that need to be accomplished can happen.

What is the most enjoyable that needs to be accomplished? That would be time with my husband. We’ve been married just under a year so nurturing that relationship is certainly important. I love my girls but my husband and I need to be on one accord so that we can parent in a more loving way. Plus, I really like him. I think he’s wonderful so I really enjoy our time.

What things, if any, can be combined? Working out and spending time with either my husband or my oldest daughter. She loves to workout with me and she has the most energy in the world. I also think it’s healthy that she sees me working out. I enjoy workouts with my husband as we challenge and push each other rather well.

I’m learning that the key to balance is planning–which is why my first to-do to accomplish is this planner.

How do you prioritize what needs to be accomplished? What do you do to achieve balance in your roles?