When I tell people that I left corporate to stay home to raise my girls, they think I’m living in a life of luxury. As I sit here donning my mom uniform–though I actually did just workout–while seeking my sanity, I decided to share what a day in my life really looks like. While it’s not filled with stress-free and relaxing days, it’s still quite the opposite of terrible. But it is tough.

Most WAHM’s don’t have their toddlers home with them so they’re able to kill in productivity while my most of my productive time is nap time and when I can get abc to play quietly for however long she can. In the evenings, I plan out the following day in hopes that I’m able to stick to some semblance of my schedule. On an average day, here is what my day looks like:

5:00am: My natural body clock wakes me up and I fight it…

5:45am: Abc wakes up to nurse

6:00am: Everyone in my house fights the impending wake up

6:20am: Push the hubs out the bed to get mini up and dressed

6:45am: Silently curse my non-sleeping in baby as I check my social media sites for activity. Start promoting new posts on FB in various groups.

7:00am: Say a prayer while willing abc back to sleep

7:15am: Come downstairs and prepare breakfast for abc while unloading the dishwasher and doing various clean up. Feed abc. Make coffee, tea, and water (yes, I drink all three in the morning)

8:15am: Check in on my social media sites, browse various sites, check emails. 

9:00am: Lay abc down for her nap. Time for mama to work! Cut patterns, assemble pieces, watch people on Periscope, write, respond to people, post pictures, engage with others. 

11:00am: Abc wakes up and it’s snack time. Prep snack and make sure it doesn’t end up on the floor.

11:30am: Play time! Put on a load of laundry and get to playing and engaging with abc. 

12:30pm: Lunchtime!

1:30pm: Nap time for abc again. It normally takes her longer to go down for this one so there’s a lot of time here fighting her for the nap she’s normally requested 

2:30pm: Get ready for the gym. Browse Pinterest for workout ideas. Pray for energy.

2:40pm: Pick mini up from the bus stop. 

3:00pm: Arrive at the gym and workout. Or sit in the sauna and think. 

5:00pm: Get home and prep dinner, play with mini and abc, look for patience. 

6:00pm: Time to eat. Feed kids–sometimes myself too. 

6:30pm: Wind down and bathe babies

7:00pm: Bedtime routines begin

7:30pm: Take a shower and prep for an evening of work

8:00pm: Take inventory of what work I need to do. This will normally be a combination of the following:

  • prepping and filling orders
  • reciprocating blog love
  • checking and responding to emails
  • updating calendar with appointments, reminders, blog posts, etc
  • planning out tomorrow
  • writing
  • editing photos
  • setting up social networking posts for the next couple of days
  • thinking thoughts
  • cleaning up
  • folding laundry

12:00am: To Bed. 

Exhausting day right? When becoming a WAHM, there are no “Calgon Calgon Take Me Away” moments. I’m not living in the lap of luxury. I don’t sleep in nor do I take naps. I hustle hard for most of the hours of the day either in my position as CEO of the Cole Family or as Owner/Editor/Everything of The Crunchy Mommy, LLC. It’s hard. There are days that I question my sanity in making the decision that I did in order to chase my dreams. But I wouldn’t do anything differently–except dream bigger.

But given this schedule, who has the time to dream even bigger dreams then what I already have? I don’t but I’m making the time and being intentional about designing my future. After meeting and falling in love with Joyce Brewer of MommyTalkShow.com at the SoFabUOTR Conference, I found out that she’s hosting one of my favorite types of parties–A Vision Board Party!!! The timing is perfect for where I am in my WAHM life and determining where I want to be going. The party will have a panel of women that are in or have been in a similar place in life that I’m in now.

What I’m doing now is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m excited to be joining Joyce and the other ladies on October 17 to connect, grow, and develop a visual plan to help make my business a success!

Are you in the Atlanta area? If so, you need to join us as we toast mocktails and create the vision for our futures! Get your tickets here.

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