**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of OMD. All thoughts, opinions, and inches lost to waistline are my own.

When it comes to doing what’s best for your health, waistline, and planet, you shouldn’t have to decide what’s more important. In truth, all of these things are pretty high on the totem pole of importance for me which is why I love the premise behind OMD: Change The World By Changing One Meal A Day. Written by Suzy Amis Cameron, OMD gives an easy to digest way of diving into the plant-based diet.

What Is A Plant-Based Diet?

This is a common question that I’ve been asked since sharing my plant-based meals on Instagram. Plant-based meals are ones that contain food from plants and none from animals like dairy, eggs, or honey. Full disclosure: not eating honey is a huge challenge for me as I’m basically Winnie the Pooh in a grown, woman version. But I wanted to take the 10-day challenge so I’ve been cutting back on my honey intake for it!

There are MANY side-effects to eating a plant-based diet:

  • Increased energy: Eating plant-based meals increases your energy naturally since you’re providing your body quality nutrients.
  • Slimmer waistline: Not only do people on who choose this lifestyle lose weight, but they also have a healthier gut.
  • A lighter environmental footprint: Eating plants is way easier on the environment.
  • Cheaper grocery bill: Meats are expensive! So is quality dairy so when you reduce the amount that you eat, it’s cheaper for you!

All of these side effects are definitely ones I can live with, amiright?

Ready to make a change that impacts the world and your waistline? Read more hear on how the OMD Plant-Based Meal challenge will do just that.

Is Eating A Plant-Based Diet Hard?

I’m a creature of convenience. If it’s not easy for me to do then it’s not going to be sustainable for me. Also, if it’s not delicious and kid-friendly, I will likely not be able to keep up with the lifestyle as I’m can’t cook 1,001 meals per week to accommodate my family. I say all that to say that this is something that is completely doable.

Not only are there some really great recipes in the OMD book, but they have some really easy and delicious recipes on their site. My faves are anything that can be packed in a Mason jar since I’m constantly on the go. Breakfasts have been smoothies that are packed with nutrients and vegan protein. My favorite lunch is a quinoa salad. The best part about this is that I can prep it and then grab it before I go out.

Join The 10-Day OMD Challenge

Making changes in your life can be hard but this one is worth it. More importantly, you don’t have to make the changes alone. Join me and the OMD community for the 10-day challenge that started on January 1–no friend, it’s not too late to join.

During the challenge, you’ll be sent tips and tricks on how to succeed in swapping one meal a day for a plant-based meal. They also send out recipes, meal plans, and a planner for success. In the 5 days I’ve been doing the challenge I’ve already made the decision to continue after my 10-days is up.

Ready to join? Click here to sign up now.