All those who were ready for 2017 to end, raise your hands! grabs a couple peoples hands to grab because I was way over 2017 Guys, 2017 was a clusterf— and I’m so happy that I made it to 2018! Did you choose a focus word? I didn’t. I chose a phrase: Shoot Your Shot.

I know, that almost seems like it’s too broad but whatever. I spent 2017 watching people achieve the greatness that I wanted for myself because I didn’t make an ask, follow through, etc. But that’s not going to be me this year. This year I’m going for it all in all areas of my life.

Bye, Bye 2017!!!

Ok. So 2017 wasn’t ALL bad but it was some bad. Change dominated our lives around the TCM household. At the end of 2016, we made the decision to homeschool the girls when we moved. We moved back to civilization BUT the school system in our area was no bueno so instead of worrying about the quality of education they would be getting, we decided I would just do it.

We also found out that we were expecting BC! I love the idea of pregnancy but the reality is that pregnancy doesn’t fit me so well. I spent the better part of 2017 tired, in pain, cranky and puking. Yeah, not good at all. I ended 2016 ready to make 2017 my year and that didn’t happen AT ALL.

Hello 2018!!!

Now I’m not expecting 2018 to be perfect. That would be silly. But our family is pretty much done making changes. We’re done having children so our family dynamic is finished. This year we’re focusing on buying a house (finally) and really just fine tuning some things, i.e. behavior, schedules, and really getting into a rhythm.

Shoot Your Shot

This is almost like a version of Shonda Rhimes “Year of Yes” except I’m being more proactive. In sales, there’s a concept that’s taught to not out sell yourself. What does this mean? Meaning don’t assume what the customer needs and that you can’t provide it. I spent 2017 telling myself I didn’t know enough, I didn’t take good enough photos, my content wasn’t good enough, my videos weren’t good enough but then I would see others just out here being great.

2018 is my year to be great. That’s what “shoot your shot” means. I’m just going to be as great as I possibly can giving my best and knowing that it’s good enough.

Are you ready to take 2018 by storm? What’s your word or theme for the year?