Hi. My name is Aaronica and I’m a subscription box junkie. When I found out about eco-friendly subscription boxes, I nearly cried tears of joy. Yes, I love them just that much!

11 Must-Have Eco-Friendly Subscription Boxes

I was a little surprised at just how many boxes there were. But these boxes are great for people who are looking to make small changes in their lives that incorporate more eco-friendly and green solutions.

Urban Organic Gardener

Want to exercise your green thumb? This box is for you! There’s a brief questionnaire before you subscribe to make sure that they send products that fit your growing style without breaking your pockets. This box starts at $9.00/month.

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The Home Detox Box

I love this box! I received one when we moved to our new house and it contained some really awesome things. Check out the un-boxing video (there’s a discount code in the comments section!).

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Ecocentric Mom

This box was essentially made JUST for me! I kid but really, her audience is that modern-day mom that values the Earth and Mother Nature. In her boxes, I spy some of my favorite brands!

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Photo courtesy of the EcocentricMom.com

Feeling Fab – A Box of Wellness, Self-Love and Self-Care

Ok so you guys know I’m 1000% here for self-care and self-love and celebrating both of these. I love that this box is something that does that too. And I love that it’s not going to cost you your next born child too!

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Photo Credit FeelingFabBox.com

Seed Plant Bloom

This box offers a Gardening box or a Succulent box depending on your preference. I love both of them and that they come with unique gardening accessories and gifts. These boxes are perfect for both men and women of all ages!

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Photo credit to https://seedplantbloom.cratejoy.com/

Succulent Lovers

I LOVE succulents (obviously since it’s part of my logo). But did you know that there is more than one type of succulent? This box sends out variations of these beloved plants for you to nurture!

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Photo Credit: https://succulent-lovers.cratejoy.com/


There’s nothing like an eco-friendly subscription box dedicated to beauty, amiright? While they do have beauty products, they also include wellness, apothecary, aromatherapy, snacks and more. You can look like a healthy snack while eating one!

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Photo Credit: Earthlove.co

My Lemon Crate

With My Lemon Crate you have the option to DIY your crate or not–not everyone is a Pinterest-inspiration waiting to happen. They send out materials to create full sized products with the goal of replacing 4 mainstream products every month.

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Photo Credit: My Lemon Crate


The premise for this box is so smart. They send you out bottles of eco-friendly products in eco-friendly containers AND a return label so that you can send them back to have them re-filled. YES!

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greenUP Box

Can you reduce your waste? Yes. You can. And this box can help.

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Photo Credit: greenUp

Power Post

Have you ever wanted to do more or be more of an environmental advocate? This box is for you. They send you a box that contains a postcard, talking points and everything else you need to get your voice heard.

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Photo Credit: Power Post

Have I missed any of your favorite eco-friendly subscription boxes?

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Subscription boxes offer an awesome way to try a new hobby, product or service without making huge financial commitments. Check out my fave eco-friendly subscription boxes that need to be added to your collection here.