I was browsing on Instagram the other day and one of the fellow crunchy moms I follow said something that I felt with all my being. Summed up, she said that being someone who lives a “crunchy” lifestyle is hard. It’s tiring to pay attention to everything we consume, put on our skin, clean our homes with, make sure that our clothes are made from eco-friendly fibers and more. But we do it with intentions of providing our loved ones a healthier lifestyle and friends, we need the pampering–but not from Calgon. In order to pamper the crunchy mom in your life, you need to go about things a little differently.

How To Pamper The Crunchy Mom

Most moms normally just want peace and quiet for, well, hours or days or weeks. We want moments where we don’t have to make all the decisions for our families. These are some basic breaks that we want. But to pamper the crunchy mom takes more effort than it does for, well, the not-so-crunchy mom.

Take Her To Out To Eat

No, not at your normal restaurant. Do a little bit of research and find someplace that serves organic, locally-sourced foods that may be farm-to-table or something along those lines.

Why does this matter? Meal planning, grocery shopping and then cooking is tiring. But when you’re paying close attention to what you put in your mouth, eating out can sometimes present a challenge. Show you care and are invested in the change she’s trying to make while taking something off her plate.

Go For A Hike

Getting outdoors and experiencing the beauty of Mother Earth is irreplaceable. I love going for a good, somewhat challenging hike. Georgia offers so many places to experience nature–did you know that you could go on a tour of state parks with waterfalls?

Why does this matter? The crunchy mom in your life is trying to save the world by making one green decision at a time. Mother Earth has provided us with so much and we rarely take time to really appreciate it. Show her that you love these things as well.

Let Her Pamper Herself With Eco-Friendly Body Care

I used to manage a Bath & Body Works when I was in college. At the time, I didn’t know about all the chemicals involved with making their products. I loved the smell and missed it–until I found Lush Handmade Cosmetics. Lush’s products are filled with delicious smells that have been found in nature–along with the rest of their ingredients.

In honor of Mother’s Day, they’ve released some new goodies. These are my faves here:

Why does this matter? We like pretty things. Nice smells are, well, nice. Just because we’re crunchy doesn’t mean we want to walk around smelling like the earth we’re trying to save! Gift us clean luxury!

Whether it’s her birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day, take heed to these 3 tips and pamper the crunchy mom in your life freely!!!