Thanks so much for attending my session at Blissdom 2019! I hope that you gained a lot and are now ready to get your business plan set up! To help you get one step closer to your goals, I’ve made some of the things I talked about readily accessible here. 

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Link to presentation:
The Business Side of Blogging
Link to Business Plan Template:
Business Plan Template

90 Day Mastermind Group

When I was a new blogger, there were some things that I wish someone would have just held my hand and helped me through that I could have grown faster. Now, as a seasoned blogger, entrepreneur, and small business developer, I’m doing just that.

This 90 Mastermind Group is designed for bloggers that have just started their blogs or people who are looking to start. There are 10 seats open and once they’re gone, that’s it! I’m offering a 20% discount on the first month of the mastermind to all Blissdom Attendees with discount code BLISSDOM that will be good until 11/22/2019.

Sign up here.