As moms, we don’t have much time to really get our faces together. If this is your truth, you aren’t alone. Just because your kids are crawling all over you while yelling “Mom, Mom, MOM!” doesn’t mean that you don’t can’t make the most of this 5-minute face using CLOVE + HALLOW products–a clean beauty brand. These links in this post are affiliate links so please, use them freely!

Easy 5-Minute Face Using CLOVE + HALLOW


A How-To:

Let me preface this by saying that I AM NOT A BEAUTY BLOGGER! I have a deep love for makeup and I used to do makeup when I was a college student, I would do makeup to make some extra money.

  • Start out with the Skin Tint and get that all over your face. I use a beauty blender because it’s really easy to manipulate and leaves an airbrushed finish.
  • Apply the concealer in a triangle underneath your eyes and blend. I’m using a makeup brush I received in my Causebox which is absolutely amazing.

These next steps can be interchanged depending on what’s in your spirit:

  • Apply the Hydratint Blush and blend
  • Apply the Hydraglow on the tops of your cheekbones, under your brow bone and down your nose and blend.
  • Apply bronzer to hallows of your cheeks, by your hairline and jaw line.
  • Apply Hydratint blush to eyelids and blend with your fingers. Apply Hydraglow to insides of your eyes and blend.
  • Apply mascara.
  • Apply lippie of choice.
  • Take a selfie for proof.
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Boom. It’s just that easy!

I love to do my makeup. It makes me feel more put together and like I’ve done something that was just for me. This every day, 5-minute face is something that is easy enough for everyone to do.


My friend pointed out to me that while I had made a lot of really great changes in my life that were green and eco-friendly, I wasn’t doing as well as I could with my makeup. She was right. But being a woman of color I found it super difficult to foundations that didn’t make my skin look ashy. When I wear makeup, I want my skin to look dewy, even, and not like I was too made up.

So I went on a hunt to find just that! After checking out the post from This Organic Girl about what to look for in clean beauty, I found myself at Fig & Flower ready to try on all the things. I love the texture of the concealer from CLOVE + HALLOW and I was sold.

Are you ready to get on the clean beauty bandwagon and do a 5-minute face with me?

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